Trends Low-Cost Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: The Cut out Boots from Balenciaga and Its Multiple (Semi) Clones

Mastodónticas and a tad Orthopedic, this is how I would have described the boots cut out of Balenciaga the first time that the vi, but of course, a couple of years later things have changed, and a lot. May the blogger phenomenon and his affair with them have something to do, maybe even, that the thousands of beautiful photographs with these boots as subject that they haunt Pinterest and other social networks have taken a toll on me, but to all readers of Jezebel I must admit that today would buy them I, If you have so much money as to make you care not about me its price, of course, although this already have taken the big chains low-cost, and it is that alternatives and semi-clones are unnecessary.

Inditex has been made with the Crown in what has “insipiraciones” referred to, and truly, remaining Massimo Dutti and Uterqüe by joining the team! Because Pull & Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius and for supuestísimo, Zara, already look in their new collections ankle boots with holes and cuts number as well as a pair of buckles which lead to suspect what is your origin.

  • Ankle boots with two buckles of Pull & Bear, for 49.99 euros.
  • Ankle boots with two buckles and three strips of Bershka, by 55,99-EUR.
  • Booty peeptoe with openings of Stradivarius, by 55,95 EUR.

Well OK, be honest, are not a very accomplished clones who say, however, what not panic! The London Office has come to the rescue of those who want their own Balenciaga buckle strap boots and do not want to borrow’s lifetime and has released which I think is the best clone so far, and in two colors! (Although Asos was the first, and we all know “that it gives first, it gives twice”…) (Or not.)

  • Black ankle boots with Golden buckles from Office, for 100 euros.
  • Booty Sling back with Zara buckle, by 55,95 EUR.
  • Black boots with white sole and buckle Zara TRF, 55,95 euros track.
  • White ankle boots with silver buckles from Office, for 107 euros.