Trends Spring-Summer 2013: The Eighties Are Yours, Ours, Yours…

Of them, everyone and no one. Because it is difficult to digest this fashion again, fortunately not lived it and for the scenarios it is fine but as I go back to the past, I prefer other decades. The 80 come like never before, as icons designed in parades and fashion that they looked.

Philip Treacy


That everything you touch becomes headdress has had a very clear and definite inspiration. Michael Jackson, as an icon of style and of an era. And to see in each of their outputs, to his concerts, his shoulder, his white socks and fishing pants suits.


It seems that these myths have come to the mind of the creator in the same season. Oliver Rousteing for Balmain It was inspired by the great, elegant and sexy Sade in his parade.


It seems less obvious, more elegant, seeing to the yuppies of the time at a Soiree of high rank or even the very Grace Jones.

God save to Lanvin and their steering wheels, marked homrbos and black world.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Another that has shamelessly copied the myths that had at the time and wanted to pay them tribute is Jean Paul Gaultier. It is not that he is inspired by the 80 is that their parade is a stroll through Studio 54 in the 80s. We have to Davie Bowie, Michael Jackson, Sade, Boy George and Madonna in hairdressing, makeup, and clothing.