Uffff!, Not All Is Lost. The Best Celebrities Patrias Vogue Fashion´S Night out

We thought that the battle of style in Vogue Fashion´s Night Out It was lost, than the glamour, fashion and night were not already thing of Madrid or Spain, affecting the risk premium already us up to taste. After seeing the worst of the celebrities saved! Also there is a best … with Raquel de Rosario, Laura Hayden, Carmen Lomana and more.

If envy were post directly you iríais, Javier de Miguel and Miriam Perez to post the worst of the night. But I can’t, my ethical fashionista it prevents me from. What monkeys!

Laura Sanchez, perfect by its asymmetrical dress and her smile.

The model Marina Jamieson, all my heart with her cleavage and her look.

Eva Gonzalez, with that look and that boyfriend how to tell you that no!!

Laura Hayden or how less sometimes is more … everyone should learn this lesson.

A cropped top feels as well someone in more than 20 years is study. But neither Íker Jiménez will give us the answer. Perfect Carmen Lomana.

And someone who I did not expect, nor in this event or in the list of the best dressed. Raquel del Rosario black and white, a ten.