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A small fine reading bar for the weekend, which like can be added in the comments box. So that neither the rich and the amusing, nor the important thing escapes us:

mantra of the week //
obituary – life is a halfpipe // daniel josefsohn has had his life crashed. From the skater he became one of the most important photographers in germany. Farewell to a high flyer. Christoph amend.
Berlin life in tweets // /
@our site: “as pulling extra to berlin, to escape the country life with all its cattle stuff, buy the neighbors’ a rooster. Swamped “more from berlin is at with pleasure.

Siblings: somewhere between hatred and love / /

We never deliberately opted for a relationship to our brothers and sisters, and yet it is one of the longest of our lives: somewhere between treat and envy, community and rivalry, hatred and love. This way.

What is the pill with friends / /

Whereas we were already wondering at this point, whether it is not also somehow without the contraceptive pill, now one wonders beii bento.ebenfalls: why talk about doctors actually so rarely about side effects – certainly not about psychic?

Janis joplin’s life / /

Time campus remembers those days of janis joplin, of their music and the wild life that was behind it: “in the night janis driving center with a friend by texas. She wants to see at last the city who rave about their acquaintance: austin. They arrive in the early morning and land in a musician wg. One sits on the fridge, a bottle of red wine between his legs, and plays banjo. Janis, 19 years, knows: here she wants to remain”

Social confusion works / /

Instagram would look like snapchat that will create memories like facebook. Why? Good question. More in the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung.

Union discussed on burqa ban / /

, belgium, france and the netherlands have already introduced the ban to the full concealment. In germany, the debate arises again and again. Alexander haneke. The question is: a burqa ban would be constitutional anyway? Well bento has grappled with the issue,.

All the weeks / /

So many beautiful word by elisabeth rank, again and again. This way.

A plea for holidays with many people / /

Although the solo travel just hard to lie in the trend seems, melanie warburton argues for holidays with many friends: “i think: a holiday with friends – it is a form of travel, should be given a chance. Else you missed it, the probably most beautiful form of togetherness, which experience you can”

A way out of the throwaway society / /

Coming for the oil the fashion – worse environmental destroyer not there on this planet almost. That’s why mittlerwiele committed more and more companies for recycling. H & m doing plays an important role. More at the guardian.

Guide to the everyday escape / /

“that i so hate the idea of routine and commonplace, may not be on my everyday life. I am the problem” clairette writes in their guide to everyday escape. How that operates this and beats down the wastes, as always tells in amusing ways.

Digital nomads – they call it work / /

Money on the hammock – all dream. People who make it there before: your laptop is your office, and therefore they travel around the world. Are they to be envied? Zeit.de accompanied 197 globetrotter and searches for an answer.

If campaigns really make a difference – peta against angora / /

You remember maybe the rabbit, whose cruel skinning went viral around the entire globe. Since then, most companies have used angora on its blacklist. Remember bof.

Filters snapchat are racist? / /

Snapchat filter

Work great in people with light skin color. The darker the complexion, the more difficult it will however and eventually goes nothing at all, that found out also model poppy delevingne of these days. Depends on the technology behind the transformation into a spitting rainbow unicorn or a toast so really by skin color? Read more at refinery29.

The double gluten lie / /

“for his late-night show, the american comedian jimmy kimmel interviewed passers-by regularly. There, he asked the question even jogging in a park: “you eat gluten-free?” the interviewees knew with a matter of course, as you would have asked her whether they congratulate her mother birthday. The next question aroused but borrowing faces: “what is gluten?” a clear answer had no one ready, instead, it was wild speculation.” diana von knopp has also a lot to say, guys perhaps long ago, what we think of this merketingwunder, um madness, um nutrition awareness.

Ten theses on the coup attempt / /

, turkey has earned now no simple erdoğan-bashing, but accurate look. Therefore, columnist özlem topçu has written ten considerations for the still not enlightened long coup attempt, its history and its consequences. Here long!

Stokowski about obama’s late feminism / /

Us president barack obama is celebrated for an article, in which he praises feminist achievements. Why actually? His theses are not sensational. More here.

Are you happy? / /

Leandra medine last week their own thoughts on the subject of happiness in a strangely touching text summed up. He is gooey namely not, perhaps but exactly for this reason so tangible. Via man repeller.

The jewish culture in germany / /

Mirna radio wrote a group portrait of the third generation of the jews living in germany, the grandson of holocaust survivors in berlin. “imagine your childhood would be to listen to your grandparents and great-grandparents as they tell of having deported and gassed jews.”

You what app? / /

Because amelie is just as fond of self test, as we have always been there amazed from now regular delicacies to the digital tick. So a nice pastime!

The ted talk by madeleine – why abundance is not happy / /

Madeleine alizadeh is blogger and has spoken now in their first ted talk about why it sooner as a successful blogger was unhappy and what has changed it, to become happy. Via edition f.

To play tennis / /

“(…) And yet i sometimes had the feeling, my family was itself not quite this elbe suburban world. After a game, after a round of golf we never sat tennis on the terrace of the club, and my father is rather spoke with a groundskeeper with the club masters, remained also not hidden from me. We and rich, wealthy, privileged? It could be yes. Rich that the others were those who we children called fat cats,: that had a swimming pool in the basement and in the garden, the dark car drove one, an english-language super nanny around hopped in their house, whose speedometer ranged up to 260, and in their kitchen, which was as large as our living room, two-meter-high refrigerators that were waiting for button ice cubes in highball glasses to spit.” more go here.

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