Weekly Outfit for Less Than 1500 SEK

The mission was: cobble together your own outfit, at any time may not exceed SEK 1,500 in price. Not the lightest, should be said, and apparently I have “tjuvat” and could not resist presenting some options to each garment.

If you start with the top one can soberly conclude that it was difficult immediately. For many of you readers are 900 kronor for a sweater unthinkable, for others not. The marine inspired cricket sweater from the exciting new Danish brand Gentlemen Take Polaroids are the trendiest fashionable, if that is the aspect that is the most essential. Think well-groomed and unspoiled, young man, and think sailboat so are you, if the pun is allowed, in port. French APC has even a little finer and even more expensive to show up on the website, while H & M at least had a similar one in its range for spring and Topman have shirts that resembles the one pictured. Among pants, you have probably heard ad nauseam that ” should “be anything but jeans in the spring and the once narrow silhouette has become much wider. This has been our Swedish brands embraced – even Cheap Monday sounded its fit have become predominant in the autumn collection available in stores in a few months. None of discount chains byxutbud is particularly compelling in the spring. Zara will do best with their dressed models, but the question is whether upwards of 700 crowns for half shitty quality and fit is money well invested.

Bet instead on the second hand, if you have the opportunity. Self went to Herr Judit at Hornsgatan in Stockholm and immediately found two pairs of trousers from Acne and Polo Ralph Lauren 499 and 399. A pittance compared to the price in the store for two almost untouched couples. And then still Herr Judit not exactly renowned for their low prices!

On his feet hoping signed see espadrilles on the people in the summer. It provides a relaxed and casual look and is worn naturally without visible socks. If you want ankle socks have it, noting that despite everything looks much better than rigid loafers without socks. In Stockholm, Savile Row at Sturegatan espadrilles in the colors red, white and blue for the 200 crowns – hurry bargain! Although Rose & Born seems to have a good selection, we have heard on detours and online sellingurbana.se little more unusual models.

The tips of the thin wallet, then the usual: shop second-hand and shop at discount chains. And in the spring invest in the best parts of the marine vibes, bottoms in the finer qualities than denim and with comfort fit and finally a pair of free shoes that hardly withstand a downpour, but whose price makes it affordable to replace them.

As for accessories sold the necklace in the picture – with the right marine vibes, apparently – at H & M for 49.50 and selected stores in the same chain has also started selling men’s watches the most expensive of which costs 398 kronor. This alongside the successful sunglasses sale, of course, which of course continues in all chains for years, with mixed results. Hat brand New York Hat & CO’s models priced finally maximum of 500 kronor and lots of goodies goes on in 200.