Wide and Cropped Pants… Tea Join Fashion?

There difficult trends carry. You like to see them, but you know ever of takes them will enter into your wardrobe. And that’s what happens to me with today’s: only the most daring and stylish can do that the garment in question is one jewel. I’m talking about pants wide and cropped. Yes, a trend risky that many already have dared to look.

And the truth is that this type of pants only can be in time of transition. I understand. I personally believe that ‘ are well ‘ if those lights no sock (obviously) is for this reason that we cannot go in the month of December with the feet in the air. Thing that limits us much when using them.

But even so, firms models and increasingly launch are the models that we. In Mango y Zara they dare (respectively) with printed models, so that the garment is made still more risky.

Do you think that it will finally prevail?