Style Guide on Bow Ties

Style Guide on Bow Ties

The bow ties are more fashionable than ever. So much so that even women wear them. What has made this trend is more fashionable than ever?Today in demodaybelleza we give you the style guide on bow ties in which we analyze the types of bow ties for each occasion, a video tutorialon how to put on bow ties and finally a guide of use . Let’s start!

Striped Clothing Use or Not Use

Striped Clothing: Use or Not Use?

Far from the discussion “horizontal stripes fatten and vertical slim” the tips here are for those who like stripes and use them anyway. Okay, maybe the only restriction is the striped pants, but this trend has already passed then all right (puff!): The stripes are quite versatile and can have black-and-white and blue-and-white patterns (the most […]

Marvel Hosts a Party to Celebrate That Their Superheroines Have Turned into a Reference Point and Not Just Fashion

Coinciding with the Fashion Week of New York, the magazine Garage Magazine He organized a big party to celebrate the five covers of a special edition of one of its numbers featuring models from the likes of Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, Candice Swanepoel, Cuba Tornado y Lexi Boling. It is the first time that this magazine has joined the world in their covers of the comic with the fashion, so […]