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Antigua and Barbuda

Yearbook 2017

Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda have the stated goal of being one of the Caribbean's leading renewable energy countries. In March, another important step was taken when new solar power plants were installed on the small private island of Jumby Bay. They were placed both on the ground and on the roofs of various buildings, including a desalination plant in the middle of the island. The project is a collaboration between the country's government and a British company.

2017 Antigua and Barbuda

In April, work was completed to mark the boundaries of nature conservation areas along Barbuda's coast with buoys and signs at sea and on land. Among the protected areas are coral reefs and the Codrington lagoon where a variety of fish and shellfish reproduce. The now excellent zones were enshrined in a law from 2014. According to, the rules make a difference in areas where it is forbidden to fish, prohibited to anchor and moor respectively and prohibited from fishing with nets.

In September, Barbuda was hit extremely hard by tropical cyclone Irma. According to estimates, 95% of the island's population was destroyed or damaged and the aforementioned Codrington lagoon was flooded to great damage for, inter alia, bird life. While Barbuda was one of the islands in the Caribbean most affected by Irma, Antigua did relatively well.

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