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Yearbook 2017

Argentina. President Mauricio Macri won a major success in the congressional elections on October 22 when his center-right coalition Cambiemos ("Let's change") won in five of the country's most popular electoral districts (the city and province of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fé and Mendoza). In total, Cambiemos won in 13 of the country's 24 electoral districts, which no government has done since the mid-1980s. Most important was the victory in the province of Buenos Aires, where the coalition's candidate defeated President Cristina Kirchner (2007–15). Her party The Justice Party (Partido Justicialista, PJ) only managed to win in the sparsely populated Fire Land, Chubut, Río Negro and San Luis.

2017 Argentina

According to, Kirchner's defeat came as no surprise. Her popularity figures have dropped dramatically as accusations against several of her former ministers on corruption have increased in scope. Among these were deputies Julio de Vido, Kirchner's planning minister, who was deprived of his immunity on October 17, accused of embezzling $ 15.2 million. Shortly after the election, Prosecutor Alejandra Gils Carbó also announced his departure at the end of the year. She was also accused of corruption and was closely associated with Kirchner during her time as president. At the same time as the government coalition's position in Congress improved, it did not have a majority when the new congress was convened on December 10 - for it took 22 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 12 in the Senate.

The election campaign was eclipsed by the disappearance of political activist Santiago Maldonado in August. In the middle of October, a body was found in a river in the province of Chubut, which just two days before the election turned out to be the missing one. Maldonado was involved in the indigenous people's struggle for rights in the area and disappeared in connection with violent clashes with police near the site where the body was found.

Strikes and demonstrations also pushed the government during the year, especially a major manifestation in Buenos Aires in August, organized by the trade union organization CGT, which is closely linked to the Peronist Party PJ, against what the protesters called neoliberal labor market policy.

In April, almost an area of ​​10 million hectares hit the Paraná River in Argentina's economic heart, with a quarter of the country's agriculture and livestock farming as the river flooded over its banks due to intense rain. About fifty people perished. The worst affected were the provinces of La Pampa, Buenos Aires, Santa Fé and Córdoba.

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