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Yearbook 2017

Armenia. Struggles between Azerbaijan and the Armenian-backed Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh continued during the year. In February, several Azerbaijani soldiers were reported to have been shot dead at the border.

2017 Armenia

In May the violence was escalated with rockets near densely populated areas along the border line. In June, three Armenian separatists were reported to have been killed. Both sides accused each other of initiating the violence.

During the year, the ICG International Crisis Group noted that the violence surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh has brought neighboring countries Armenia and Azerbaijan closer to a war than ever since the ceasefire in 1994. to widen its influence in the region than to resolve the conflict.

In March, Armenia's security service arrested a former Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Minister, Samvel Babayan. This one was accused of arms smuggling. According to the opposition, the arrest was an attempt by the regime to spread the fears of the opponents ahead of the parliamentary elections in April, thereby affecting the outcome of the election.

The April election was a bit of a hardship for the ruling Republican Party, which declined a bit. Still, the party won by just over 49% of the vote, giving a shrinking majority in parliament. Opposition Party A successful Armenia and its Alliance gained just over 27%. According to, the new Liberal Alliance Alliance Way Out made a good choice and took close to a tenth of the seats in Parliament. The government-loyal party Dashnak also joined parliament.

The opposition reported several cases of election fraud. According to international observers, the election was largely right, but there were reports of irregularities such as voting and pressure on both voters and election workers.

Republican Party Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan remained in office after the election and again formed coalition government with the support party Dasjnak. The government thus obtained a three-fifths majority, which is necessary, among other things, for changes in the electoral system.

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