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Yearbook 2017

Barbados. In February, the country's governor, DeLisle Worrell, was fired. He was "freed from his duties" by Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler. According to analysts, it was Worrell's criticism of the finance minister's policy that led to the decision. The dismissed Governor of the Riksbank has, above all, criticized the government's attempt to solve the country's economic problems during the current recession by "printing money". Finance Minister Sinckler later dismissed speculation that the national currency, the Barbadian dollar, would be devalued.

2017 Barbados

In March, Barbados and China signed an agreement to abolish the visa requirement between the two countries. In the future, it will suffice to present a passport for the citizens of the countries to be able to enter the other country. In June, an agreement was signed between Barbados and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), based in Washington. Barbados will be allowed to borrow US $ 34 million to fund a project to increase the use of renewable energy and cleaner fuels.

According to, Barbados was one of 17 countries and territories listed on the EU's first "black list" of tax havens, published in December.

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