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Yearbook 2017

2017 BulgariaBulgaria. In March, Bulgaria went to parliamentary elections. According to, victory made the center-right party GERB with about 33% of the vote. The Socialist Party (BSP) got about 28%. GERB's party leader Boiko Borisov was able to form government again. He was previously prime minister in 2009-13 and 2014-16.

In connection with the elections, Turkey was accused of interfering in the electoral process by trying to pressure the Turkish minority to vote for Turkish-friendly parties. Bulgarian nationalists must therefore have guarded the border with Turkey to prevent Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey from entering the country to vote.

2017 Bulgaria

In June, a Swedish man was imprisoned who kicked a hotel maid in the head in the resort of Sunny Beach. The incident was documented by a surveillance camera. The 53-year-old man risked three years in prison. In September, the verdict was announced: a fine of SEK 24,000. According to the court, the man showed an "absolute lack of humanity".

Bulgaria had a successful tourist season during the year, an increase of just over 7%.

Suspicion of corruption and fraud in connection with Bulgaria's procurement of new combat plan led to a parliamentary commission of inquiry in September recommending that the purchase be postponed for the future and that the entire project restart. Among others, President Rumen Radev was accused of interference. Saab has competed with Portugal and Italy for an order worth SEK 7.5 billion. Questions were raised about why Swedish Saab was included in the procurement at all since Sweden is not a NATO country.

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