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Dominican Republic

Yearbook 2017

Dominican Republic. According to, Danilo Medina, recently the most popular president of Latin America, was persecuted during the year by the corruption scandal surrounding Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. Big bribes to a total sum of $ 92 million from Odebrecht and procurement of heavily overvalued construction projects between 2001 and 2014 were linked to Medina's ruling party PLD (the Dominican Liberation Party), among others. During the year, the organization Marcha Verde organized no less than five major nationwide protest marches - an unusual phenomenon in the Dominican Republic - against widespread corruption, including a manifestation outside Odebrecht's office in Santo Domingo where participants demanded that the company be thrown out of the country. The movement culminated in a manifesto, signed by several of the country's leading intellectuals and activists and published in June, which called for Medina's departure. However, the President of the Election Commission rejected the idea of ​​new elections as incompatible with the Constitution.

2017 Dominican Republic

Neither did Medina himself passive on the matter. Even before the manifesto was published in June, a law on penalties for money laundering and corruption was issued to a minimum sentence of ten years in prison. Shortly before, the state prosecutor had announced that he was going to prosecute 14 people, among them several former ministers and senators, for various bribery, and several of the defendants were arrested or placed in house arrest. However, the opposition could not raise the vote very much in the accusations as several of the bribery crimes were committed during the time of the largest opposition party PRD (Dominican Revolutionary Party) ruling the country, especially in 2000–04 when Hipólito Mejía was president.

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