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Languages ​​in Europe

The majority of Europe's people speak languages belonging to the Indo-European language family, which are represented by a number of different language branches. The eastern group of Indo-European languages, the satem group, includes Albanian, Slavic and Baltic; to the western, kentum group, belong Greek, Romanian, Celtic and Germanic.

The single languages ​​spoken by most people in Europe are Russian and German.

Eastern Indo-European languages

2017 EuropeAlbanian has been considered a remnant of the ancient Illyrian language, which had a much wider prevalence in ancient times, but the origin of the language is uncertain.

Slavic is divided into East Slavic, West Slavic and South Slavic. Eastern Slavic is again divided into Greater Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian. Western Slavic includes Polish, Sorbian (in Lausitz, Germany), Czech and Slovak. In the early Middle Ages slavery was widespread all the way to Elbe and Saale in the west. The South Slavic languages ​​are Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Bulgarian.

The Baltic language group includes Latvian and Lithuanian.

Western Indo-European languages

Greek language has historically been more prevalent than it has now. The Romanesque languages ​​have largely retained the prevalence of Latin in the Roman Empire. It is Italian, rhetorical, French, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese, and Romanian in the far east. Of the once large Celtic group, there are again only smaller areas of Breton, Welsh, Scottish-Gaelic and Irish.

The Germanic languages ​​are often shared in West Germanic, with German, Dutch, Frisian and English, and Northern Germanic, with the Nordic languages Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Faroese and Icelandic.

Other language families

The oral language family in Europe is represented by the Finnish-Ugric language group. It has a western branch with Sami, Finnish, Karelian and Estonian, and an eastern branch with Hungarian. In northeastern Russia, languages ​​belonging to the Samoan language group in the oral language family are spoken.

Farthest southeast of Europe and Cyprus is spoken Turkish, which belongs to the Turkish language family. In Malta, Maltese is spoken, which is a Western Arabic dialect strongly influenced by Italian. Maltese is considered to be the Semitic language of the Afro-Asian language family. Another peculiar case is the Basque language in the west. It does not show kinship with any other language.

Linguistic minorities in Europe

As a general rule, the table does not include recent immigrant groups that until relatively recently have been regarded as "foreign workers" to a certain extent, nor are immigrants from other parts of the world. The main purpose of the table is to give an impression of how linguistically composed Europe is even when you disregard these, to some very large, groups. Most members of the various minority groups speak the national language of the country where they live in addition to their mother tongue, and in some groups the original mother tongue is being suppressed by the national language. The number of minority language users in each country is highly uncertain, due in part to diffuse definition criteria and insufficient data. This applies especially to rooms (romani), where different number tasks can vary greatly. By Russia is meant the European part of the country.

Country Number Language
Greece 63000 Albanian
Italy 120000 Albanian
Serbia and Montenegro 1800000 Albanian
Macedonia 460000 Albanian
Bulgaria 27000 Armenian
France 70000 Armenian
Russia 360000 Armenian
Ukraine 54000 Armenian
Albania 60000 Aromunsk (Romanian)
Greece 50000 aromunsk
Russia 280000 Azerbaijani (Turkish)
Russia 530000 avaric (caucasian)
Russia 85000 Balkar (Turkish)
Russia 1000000 Bashkirsk (Turkish)
France 580000 Basque
Spain 620000 Basque
Serbia and Montenegro 350000 Bosnian
Croatia 50000 Bosnian
France 1100000 Breton
Greece 30000 Bulgarian
Serbia and Montenegro 36000 Bulgarian
Moldova 70000 Bulgarian
Romania 15000 Bulgarian
Ukraine 160000 Bulgarian
Germany 35000 Danish
France 1500000 Alsatian (German)
Finland 300000 Swedish
Estonia 17000 Finnish
Norway 12000 Finnish
Sweden 220000 Finnish
Italy 30000 French
Netherlands 650000 Frisian
Germany 70000 Frisian
Moldova 160000 Gaelic (Turkish)
Spain 2600000 Galician (Portuguese dialect)
Russia 100000 Georgian (Caucasian)
Albania 62000 Greek
Ireland 250000 Gaelic
Great Britain 80000 Gaelic
Estonia 25000 Belarusian
Latvia 100000 Belarusian
Lithuania 63000 Belarusian
Poland 200000 Belarusian
Russia 1200000 Belarusian
Ukraine 450000 Belarusian
Russia 220000 Ingush
France 260000 Italian
Slovenia 50000 Italian
Russia 150000 Kalmukkian (Mongolian)
Russia 150000 Karachi (Turkish)
Russia 10000 Karelian
Finland 40000 Karelian
France 260000 Catalan
Spain 6700000 Catalan
Russia 300000 comi (ugly)
Ukraine 250000 Tatar (Turkish)
Bosnia-Herzegovina 540000 Croatian
Serbia and Montenegro 117000 Croatian
Slovenia 55000 Croatian
Hungary 30000 Croatian
Austria 175000 Croatian
Russia 275000 kumykkkisk (turkish)
Italy 600000 Romansh
Switzerland 50000 Romansh
Russia 240000 lesbian (caucasian)
Latvia 30000 Lithuanian
Poland 12000 Lithuanian
Albania 5000 Macedonian
Bulgaria 210000 Macedonian
Greece 150000 Macedonian
Serbia and Montenegro 50000 Macedonian
Russia 530000 mari (Finnish-Ugric)
Russia 120000 moldovsk (romanian)
Ukraine 305000 Moldovan
Russia 1200000 murderous (Finnish-Ugric)
Russia 380000 Ossetian (Iranian)
Belarus 400000 Polish
Latvia 54000 Polish
Lithuania 260000 Polish
Slovakia 30000 Polish
Czech Republic 62000 Polish
Germany 280000 Polish
Ukraine 200000 Polish
Albania 60000 Romany
Bulgaria 600000 Romany
France 150000 Romany
Italy 110000 Romany
Serbia and Montenegro 170000 Romany
Greece 40000 Romany
Macedonia 60000 Romany
Poland 40000 Romany
Romania 2000000 Romany
Russia 130000 Romany
Slovakia 90000 Romany
Spain 200000 Romany
Czech Republic 150000 Romany
Germany 40000 Romany
Hungary 500000 Romany
Serbia and Montenegro 50000 Romanian
Russia 120000 Romanian
Ukraine 340000 Romanian
Hungary 100000 Romanian
Estonia 420000 russian
Belarus 3300000 russian
Latvia 810000 russian
Lithuania 310000 russian
Moldova 600000 russian
Romania 31000 russian
Ukraine 12000000 russian
Finland 18000 russian
Slovakia 50000 Ukrainian
Finland 2000 Sami
Norway 30000 Sami
Russia 2000 Sami
Sweden 15000 Sami
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1000000 Serbian
Croatia 575000 Serbian
Slovenia 47000 Serbian
Macedonia 40000 Serbian
Romania 40000 Serbian
Serbia and Montenegro 70000 Slovak
Poland 38000 Slovak
Czech Republic 320000 Slovak
Hungary 100000 Slovak
Italy 120000 Slovenian
Austria 30000 Slovenian
Germany 60000 Sorbian (Slavic)
Italy 300000 German
Russia 5000000 Tatar (Turkish)
Ukraine 90000 Tatar (Turkish)
Slovakia 60000 Czech
Russia 530000 church caucasian (caucasian)
Russia 900000 Chechen (Caucasian)
Russia 1500000 Chuvash (Turkish)
Bulgaria 800000 Turkish
Romania 40000 Turkish
Greece 100000 Turkish
Macedonia 80000 Turkish
Serbia and Montenegro 120000 Turkish
Denmark 27000 German
Belgium 90000 German
Italy 230000 German
Netherlands 50000 German
Poland 500000 German
Romania 100000 German
Russia 350000 German
Czech Republic 50000 German
Hungary 40000 German
Russia 510000 immortal (Finnish-Ugric)
Belarus 130000 Ukrainian
Russia 4300000 Ukrainian
Moldova 610000 Ukrainian
Romania 65000 Ukrainian
Estonia 40000 Ukrainian
Latvia 78000 Ukrainian
Lithuania 45000 Ukrainian
Poland 230000 Ukrainian
Slovakia 32000 Ukrainian
Serbia and Montenegro 350000 Hungarian
Romania 1600000 Hungarian
Ukraine 160000 Hungarian
Czech Republic 30000 Hungarian
Slovakia 574000 Hungarian
Austria 34000 Hungarian
Russia 16000 wasp (Finnish-Ugric)
Great Britain 580000 Welsh


Countries in Europe
  1. Aland
  2. Albania
  3. Andorra
  4. Austria
  5. Belarus
  6. Belgium
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Croatia
  10. Czech Republic
  11. Denmark
  12. Estonia
  13. Faroe Islands
  14. Finland
  15. France
  16. Germany
  17. Greece
  18. Hungary
  19. Iceland
  20. Ireland
  21. Italy
  22. Kosovo
  23. Latvia
  24. Liechtenstein
  25. Lithuania
  26. Luxembourg
  27. Malta
  28. Moldova
  29. Monaco
  30. Montenegro
  31. Netherlands
  32. Northern Macedonia
  33. Norway
  34. Poland
  35. Portugal
  36. Romania
  37. Russia
  38. San Marino
  39. Serbia
  40. Slovakia
  41. Slovenia
  42. Spain
  43. Sweden
  44. Switzerland
  45. Ukraine
  46. United Kingdom
  47. Vatican City

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