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Yearbook 2017

Fiji. In March, the President of the Election Commission announced that the number of seats in Parliament will be increased from 50 to 51 after the 2018 elections. According to, this is because the population has grown. In fact, how large the population is, the authorities intended to find out in the census that was carried out in September and October, the first in ten years.

2017 Fiji

According to the country's CBS, unemployment in August was the lowest in 15 years - 5.5%. The number of employers has grown sharply and fewer students are leaving school early. The steady economic growth can partly be linked to the increasingly important tourism industry. In May it was reported that the number of tourists last year was more than ever, about 790,000 visitors. In September, a vaccination campaign was conducted against measles and rubella. Over three weeks, more than 230,000 children were vaccinated over ten years. In connection with the latest measles outbreak in the country in 2006, 5,700 children were infected, of whom twelve died.

In two different trials during the fall, a total of 29 people were sentenced for revival. In September, 14 people were sentenced to prison sentences for conducting military training aimed at establishing a Christian outbreak state in the province of Ra on Viti Levu, the nation's largest island., which is also located on Viti Levu. This should have happened in 2014. All convicted denied the accusations.

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