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Yearbook 2017

Grenada. In February, CÚcile La Grenade, the Governor-General of Grenada, rejected the appointments of nearly half of the officials serving in offices in one of the 15 constituencies in which the country is divided in parliamentary elections. The seven people would have been tasked with overseeing the daily work of each constituency. According to the opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC), La Grenades' decision was an attempt to manipulate the electoral process in favor of the ruling New National Party (NNP). The head of the country's parliamentary election oversight authority, Alex Phillip, was pleased to note that the Governor-General was entitled to reject the appointments.

2017 Grenada

In March, the Caribbean Development Bank approved grants of more than US $ 230,000 to Grenada. The money will, among other things, finance consultants with expert knowledge of a project to extract geothermal energy in the country. Grenada is highly dependent on oil imports to meet the country's energy needs. Domestic production of geothermal energy is both a way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and a measure to get rid of import dependency. The latter is also planned to be achieved through own oil extraction. In June, Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, who is also Minister of Energy, announced that within a few months, the international company Global Petroleum Group would begin test drilling and other investigations to find out if there are conditions for oil production in Grenada.

According to, Grenada was listed as one of 17 countries and territories on the EU's first "black list" of tax havens, published in December.

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