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Yearbook 2017

Jordan. The Swedish embassy in the capital Amman was suspected in March for black trade with passports. A woman who applied for a residence permit in Sweden was offered SEK 100,000 priority in the queue. In May, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported the case and the embassy started an investigation together with the Swedish Migration Board. During the year there were more indications of black trade in passports, including in Sudan and Turkey.

2017 Jordan

According to, Jordan was one of the countries affected by the British and US ban from bringing larger electronic items than mobile phones on air from March. However, the country was not covered by US President Donald Trump's entry ban in January.

In early February, Jordan conducted air raids in southern Syria against the Islamic State (IS). The military says the raids were carried out to the two-year anniversary of the Jordanian pilot who was shot down by IS and brutally killed. The bombings destroyed, among other things, a weapons stockpile.

In March, the head of the UN agency UNESCWA (West Asia Economic and Social Commission), Jordanian Rima Khalaf, resigned after the organization published a report that Israel introduced an apartheid system against the Palestinians. She resigned at the urging of UN chief Ant車nio Guterres.

In July, the Israeli embassy in Amman was attacked when two Jordanians were killed and one Israeli was injured.

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