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Yearbook 2017

Malawi. In February, Agriculture Minister George Chaponda was fired by President Peter Mutharika. Chaponda was suspected of corruption in connection with the import of 100,000 tonnes of maize worth the equivalent of just over SEK 300 million from Zambia. During a house search, the police should have found just over SEK 2 million in cash in the Minister of Agriculture's home. In July, Chaponda was indicted for bribery. The corn imports had previously been criticized in media within the Times Group, which is owned by former dictator Hastings Kamuzu Banda's family and is close to the opposition party Malawi's Congress Party (MCP). In January, the Times Group - which owns a daily newspaper, a radio station and a TV channel - was closed by the government. The company was accused of not paying its taxes, which the media house claimed was not true.

2017 Malawi

According to, fourteen teenage girls in Nkhata Bay who were sentenced to fines and one year's suspension from school because they became pregnant appealed in May. The boys who made the girls with children were also suspended from school, which is in accordance with the laws of the country. The girls' lawyer pointed out the strange thing about criminalizing pregnancy.

In May, the World Bank resumed its budget support for Malawi. This was frozen in 2013 after the corruption scandal called cashgate was revealed. The World Bank highlighted recent government reforms and promised US $ 80 million in support of the country. "Cashgate" became former President Joyce Banda's case, even though she constantly denied that she was guilty of fraud. At the end of July, Malawi's police issued an arrest warrant against the president, who after a time in the US moved to South Africa. The next day, Banda re-asserted his innocence and promised to return to his home country to clear himself of the charges.

In September, at least nine people in southern Malawi were killed by lynch mobs. The lynched people were accused of being vampires and belief in these supernatural creatures caused mass hysteria, which in October reached the metropolis of Blantyre. There, one person was stoned to death and another was burned to death. Later in October, about 140 people were arrested by the police for involvement in the lynching.

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