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Yearbook 2017

Maldives. The troubled political situation that prevailed in the country in recent years continued in 2017. In March, parts of the opposition, with the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) as the driving force, tried to bring President Adbulla Maseeh Mohamed to court. According to, the President is close to President Abdulla Yamin and the opposition does not believe that there are fair conditions before the presidential election to be held in 2018. At one point, the situation became so troubled in the House of Parliament that the military was called.

2017 Maldives

In July, soldiers were barred from the parliament building and MDP politicians were barred from visiting their workplace. The military referred to an enhanced security situation during the celebration of the country's independence day, an event that was attended by Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. In August, the entrance to Parliament was again blocked, according to the MDP in an attempt to prevent the opposition from putting the President before the national court. However, when Parliament met later in the day, the session was adjourned after a few minutes, so no vote was taken. In August, the leader of the opposition Jumhuri Party (JP), Qasim Ibrahim, was sentenced to 38 months in prison for bribing parliamentarians. The aim should have been to get the members to vote in order for the President to be put before the national court.

In May, 23-year-old liberal blogger Yamin Rashid was murdered in his apartment in the capital, Male. Rashid had recently engaged with Maldives politicians on his blog. Two people suspected of being involved in the murder were arrested.

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