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Marshall Islands

Yearbook 2017

Marshall Islands. In January, a health disaster was announced after a large number of cases of hepatitis A, epidemic jaundice, were reported. The measure enabled the government to mobilize resources for preventive measures. In March, another epidemic broke out when at least 1,000 people were infected with mumps. A survey conducted by the UN Children's Fund UNICEF in the fall showed that about one third of the country's children suffered from inhibited growth due to poor nutritional intake. The report prompted President Hilda C. Heine and the government to launch a campaign to improve the diet and general health of the country's children.

2017 Marshall Islands

In August, the country's former Foreign Minister Tony de Brum passed away at the age of 72. He made himself known for his work to fight climate change and to create a nuclear-free world, a fight that earned him and the Marshall Islands residents the Right Livelihood Awards 2015 honor.

According to, the Marshall Islands was one of 17 countries and territories listed on the EU's first "black list" of tax havens, published in December.

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