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Yearbook 2017

Micronesia Federation. In March, elections were held for the Legislative Assembly, Congress. Eight of the ten members elected in two years were re-elected for a new term. Unlike 2015, two female candidates ran for office but none of them were elected. As there are no political parties, all candidates lined up individually. Parallel to the election, a referendum was held on a constitutional amendment that would allow dual citizenship. The proposal then fell not enough votes for. According to, for changes in the constitution, three quarters of the votes are required in three of the country's four states.

2017 Micronesia

In July, a court ordered the government to release four Nepali refugees who were held captive on a leaking boat for nearly two years. The government claimed that the conditions met the requirements set by the UNHCR and that the country lacks legislation on how refugees should be treated. However, the judge ruled that the Micronesian Federation is obliged to comply with international laws to defend the dignity and rights of all individuals. According to the verdict, the four refugees would be allowed to live in an apartment, where they would have to be between seven in the evening and seven in the morning. They would also report to the authorities every two weeks.

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