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Yearbook 2017

Nauru. In January, the country got its third female parliamentarian so far when Gabrissa Hartman won in a general election in the Ubenide constituency. According to, the mandate had become vacant when Health and Transport Minister Valdon Dowyogo passed away in December 2016.

2017 Nauru

In May, Nauru lost the right to financial aid from the United States. This is because the country recognized the two Georgian outbreak republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In May, US President Donald Trump signed a law stating that both regions belong to Georgia and are occupied by the Russian Federation. Despite the US ban on financial aid, Naurus President Baron Waqa confirmed his country's ties to Abkhazia when he also traveled to the breakaway republic during a visit to the Russian Federation.

In October, the United Nations-affiliated Green Climate Fund (GCF) approved a $ 27 million grant to help Nauru cope with the effects of climate change. The planned measures included an upgrading of the harbor on the coral island.

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