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Yearbook 2017

Seychelles. In March, the country's first president, James R. Mancham, who became head of state in independence in 1976, died of violence the following year. The same month, the government approved a constitutional amendment that makes it mandatory for re-election if a sitting president dies, resigns or is dismissed from office. In such a situation, the vice president should temporarily take over as head of state until elections are held. According to, the rule of re-election was introduced after it happened twice during the 2000s that the president resigned and surrendered power to his vice president. In 2004, France-Albert René resigned in favor of James Michel and in the fall of 2016, Michel handed over the post to Vice President Danny Faure.

2017 Seychelles

At the turn of the year, a law came into force prohibiting all imports of pick-up packages of frigolite and plastic products such as bags, plates, mugs and cutlery. However, until July 1, it was allowed to use up already purchased products. From this day on, it was forbidden to manufacture, distribute and use this type of product commercially. Instead, biodegradable alternatives should be used. However, no total plastic ban in the country was introduced. Exceptions are made, for example, for garbage bags, industrial packaging for frozen goods and for plastic products used in the agricultural sector.

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