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Yearbook 2017

Tuvalu. In July, Fiji's President Frank Bainimarama promised that people forced to flee from Tuvalu due to climate change will be allowed to settle permanently in Fiji. He made the same offer to the people of Kiribati. Both islands are low-lying and have been affected by elevated sea levels. By contrast, two Tuvalu families were rejected when applying for refugee status in New Zealand. According to, the families referred to the negative impact of climate change on their ability to live and survive in the future on the island of Tuvalu where they had previously lived.

In November, the announcement came that Tuvalu would receive US $ 8.75 million from the World Bank to equip and improve security at the country's international airport. It was mainly about repairing the runway, which was damaged by water.

2017 Tuvalu

A week after joining the Commonwealth, in September 2000, it was formally admitted to the UN as country number 189. During the ceremony, Ionatana Ionatana emphasized that he expected his country to benefit from the United Nations education and development programs.

When Ionatana died in December 2000, the post of prime minister was taken over by his Deputy Prime Minister Lagitupu Tuilimu.

The government declared the same year that the proceeds from the sale of the country's Internet domain "TV" to a Canadian TV company for $ 50 million. The US $ was to be used to improve the education system outside Funafuti, repair the heavily dilapidated government buildings and extend the capital's runway. The TV company will also have to pay part of its profits on the TV domain to Tuvalu in the future. Sea transport between the islands and the outside world is poor today. A single boat handles the transport between the islands, while an Australian warship defends the country's sea area and fishing rights.

New trends from the outside world have entered Tuvalu's culture in recent years - especially through TV and videos. It has changed social patterns and family patterns. Among other things. This has led to alcoholism and sexual abuse being taken to recent years.

Some of the country's residents have begun to buy property in Fiji, Australia and Aotearoa because they anticipate the moment when the country's drinking water supply escapes as a result of the rise in world seas and global warming. In March 2001, Tuvalu, along with Kiribati and the Maldives, opened a lawsuit against the United States because the superpower had refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on the limitation of CO 2 emissions. Since then, the country has found a place as a consistent opponent of developed countries emitting ever-increasing amounts of CO 2 into the atmosphere.

Former Finance Minister Saufato Sopoanga was elected prime minister in August 2002, following an election where Koloa Telake had to resign.

In May 2004, Sopoaga declared that the people had to decide whether to transform the country into a republic and thus cease to have the British queen as head of state.

In October, Toafa received 8 out of 15 parliamentary votes and therefore assumed the post of prime minister. Upon his accession, he declared that he expected to implement many political changes for the benefit of the country and that his government would work throughout the term of office.

General Governor Faimalaga Luka died in April 2005 and was succeeded by the post of Filoimea Telito.

Various reports published in 2006 confirmed that Tuvalu is likely to be one of the first islands to disappear in the Pacific Ocean, as a result of the rising sea level caused by global warming. At the COP-15 climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009, Tuvalu's spokesman, Ian Fry, was one of the most critical of the summit's failure to achieve results and the prospect of his country disappearing into the Pacific. Its highest point is just 4 m above sea level.


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