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Yearbook 2017

Tuvalu. In July, Fiji's President Frank Bainimarama promised that people forced to flee from Tuvalu due to climate change will be allowed to settle permanently in Fiji. He made the same offer to the people of Kiribati. Both islands are low-lying and have been affected by elevated sea levels. By contrast, two Tuvalu families were rejected when applying for refugee status in New Zealand. According to, the families referred to the negative impact of climate change on their ability to live and survive in the future on the island of Tuvalu where they had previously lived.

2017 Tuvalu

In November, the announcement came that Tuvalu would receive US $ 8.75 million from the World Bank to equip and improve security at the country's international airport. It was mainly about repairing the runway, which was damaged by water.

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