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Vatican City

Yearbook 2017

Vatican City. Not everyone in the Vatican's conservative circles appreciated Pope Francis's radical social commitment and his ascetic livery. Through his strong commitment to the climate issue and the situation of the world's refugees and migrants, the pope came early on a collision course with US President Donald Trump. Her plans to build a wall against Mexico caused the pope to question the US president's Christian spirit. According to, Trump responded to speech, saying the Pope should be ashamed of his statement.

2017 Vatican City

Therefore, it was not scheduled for a cordial meeting when President Trump made a state visit to the Vatican in May. The pictures from the event testify to a gloomy mood, and the only time Pope Francis was his warm, smile I seem to have been when talking to Melania Trump about Slovenian pastries. As a farewell, President Trump received a personal gift - the Pope's own collective writings on the climate threat. The strained relationship between the Vatican and the White House was later spurred when the pope expressed his deep concern following President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move the country's embassy from Tel Aviv.

During his visit to Burma at the end of the year, the pope drew attention when in his official speech he did not mention the Muslim minority Rohingya by name but spoke generally of respect for ethnic groups. The explanation for Pope Francis's restraint is considered to have been the concern for Burma's vulnerable Christian minority. Given that the name Rohingya is branded by the Burma government, the church leaders in Burma should have discouraged the pope from naming the group by name. However, a day later, Francis did so in neighboring Bangladesh, where he met displaced refugees and asked them for forgiveness for the world's indifference.

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