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Yearbook 2017

2017 YemenYemen. At the beginning of the year, the UN Children's Fund UNICEF reported that nearly 1,400 children had been killed in the Yemen conflict between the Saudi-led military alliance and the Huthir bells. The UN calls the country's conflict the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world: 7,000 people have died since 2015, 3 million are on the run and 20 million are suffering from famine or are in need of humanitarian aid. According to UNICEF, in November, 11 million children in Yemen were in dire need of humanitarian aid. Of these, 2 million were severely malnourished. Add to that the cholera epidemic that hit the country in the spring. By the end of the summer, more than 500,000 had fallen ill and nearly 2,000 had died in the suites of intestinal disease. In August, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported on 5,000 new cases each day.

2017 Yemen

Recurring reports of boat refugees along the Yemeni coast tell of great tragedy: in March, more than 40 Somali refugees were killed when their boat was subjected to a helicopter attack, and in August some 60 migrants died after being pushed out of the boats.

According to, Yemen was also hit by US President Donald Trump's entry ban when the country and six other Muslim states were stopped in January for entry into the United States.

Saudi Arabia closed the border with Yemen in early November after the Yemeni rebels fired a missile at the Saudi capital Riyadh; however, the missile could be shot down. The reason for the closure was said to be the desire to stop Iranian weapons supplies to the Huthirbels. After two weeks, the border was reopened so that relief could reach the starving civilian population.

On December 4, Yemen's former President Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed in the capital Sana in connection with an escape attempt. He was very likely on his way to Saudi Arabia Yemen to open up talks with the Saudi-led coalition when he was killed by his former allies, the Huhira rebels. With his death there is a very high risk of escalation of the conflict. And quite rightly: just a few hours later, ex-President Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi urged his compatriots to stand up to the huhirebells.

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