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Yearbook 2017

Dominica. According to, rumors that the government was selling diplomatic passports to foreigners who, for more or less criminal reasons, needed immunity led to vigorous protests in the capital Rouseau in February. Just a week after the demonstrations began, violent riots erupted, and tear gas-armed riot police were dispatched to the streets. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, who dismissed the rumors as false, accused the opposition of being behind the protests. The aim, according to Skerrit, would be to overthrow the government by force. Lennox Linton, leader of the United Workers' Party (UWP), denied there was a link between the peaceful demonstration held earlier in the day and the rally that took place later in the evening. Linton condemned both violence and vandalism as well as Skerrit's accusations.

2017 Dominica

In September, tropical cyclone Maria pulled over Dominica with winds exceeding 72 meters per second. The weather destroyed the roof of virtually all the houses on the island, including the official residence of Prime Minister Skerrit. Large parts of the capital Roseau were flooded and for a few days the country was largely cut off from the outside world. In the countryside, floods and landslides caused about thirty deaths, and collapsed roads and bridges meant that parts of the island became isolated. Many were also left without clean water when the pipes were destroyed. Nature also suffered great damage when the trees in Dominica's tropical rainforest blew over. Agriculture was hit hard when many banana crops, on which the country's economy is heavily dependent, were destroyed.

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