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Yearbook 2017

Ghana. According to, Nana Akufo-Addo, who won the 2016 presidential election, swore in early January. Shortly thereafter, he presented a government of 36 ministers. Two of the heaviest items went to women: Shirley Ayorkor Botchway became Foreign Minister and Gloria Akuffo was appointed Minister of Justice. In total, just under a third of the newly appointed ministers were women. Akufo-Addo was later criticized for the fact that the government, including deputy ministers and ministers with only regional responsibilities, consisted of over 100 people. According to a representative of the opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC), the president was most interested in getting work for his close supporters. Akufo-Addo defended its record-breaking administration with the need to quickly bring about change in the country.

2017 Ghana

In April, among other things, the UN condemned the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for not controlling the violent gangs of youth who are considered to be close to the party. Most parties have loosely linked youth leagues. Members are usually recruited from poor neighborhoods. During the spring, attention was mainly paid to a couple of actions carried out by the NPP-linked gang Delta Boys. In March, about 200 of the League's members forcibly tried to force a senior official at a government office. The following month, a court in the city of Kumasi stormed in an attempt to release 13 gang members who were charged with violent crime.

The protracted border dispute between Ghana and Ivory Coast was finally settled by the International Maritime Law Court (ITLOS). The conflict has involved a sea area with oil and gas deposits. The question has been where the border between the countries' economic zones goes and by extension where they have the right to extract natural resources. The Ivory Coast has previously demanded that Ghana stop all oil extraction in the area, but ITLOS in 2015 gave Ghana the right to continue with ongoing extraction. With the strike, which was in Ghana's favor, drilling for new finds can be resumed. Both countries announced that they respected the court's ruling, which came in September.

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