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Yearbook 2017

Rwanda. According to, Rwanda President Paul Kagame was reelected for a third term in the August presidential election. The outcome was considered given in advance and Kagame himself described the choice as a "formality". He received just over 98% of the vote, according to the Election Commission. Kagame had two approved challengers: Frank Habineza of the Greens and independent Philippe Mpayimana. Kagame's African government colleagues are also believed to have been confident of his re-election when in July they appointed him President of the African Union (AU) for the year 2018.

2017 Rwanda

Both Habineza and Mpayimana stated that they were exposed to threats and harassment. So did another independent candidate, businesswoman and activist Diane Shima Rwigara. But she did not even get a candidate because she was not considered to have collected enough approved signatures. Shortly after she announced in May that she would be posting, nude pictures were published on her on social media. She stated that they were manipulated.

In September, Rwigara was arrested along with several supporters and members of her family, as well as leading representatives of the opposition party FDU-Inkingi. Rwigara is alleged to have forged signatures in support of his candidacy and to plan a rebellion. The proposal showed that Kagame's government could not withstand criticism, among others, the human rights group Human Rights Watch. In October, the same organization published a report documenting how the military imprisoned people suspected of engaging with armed groups. They were held in military camps without charges and subjected to torture and ill-treatment to force confessions.

The International Monetary Fund lowered its forecast for the country's growth from 6.2 to 5.2% for 2017, but considered the economy to accelerate in 2018. Finance Minister Claver Gatete expected that tourism, mining and oil exploration would contribute. According to the World Bank, the damping was due to drought, weak export prices and a construction boom sounded.

Stockholm District Court opened a trial in September against a 49-year-old Rwandan-born man for genocide. The trial is the third of its kind in Sweden. In February, Svea High Court set a life sentence for another Swedish-Rwandan man for similar crimes.

Rwanda announced in November that the country was prepared to receive 30,000 migrants stranded in Libya and risked being sold as slaves. The play came shortly after a well-publicized report on slave auctions in Libya broadcast by the broadcasting company CNN.

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