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Yearbook 2017

Montenegro. According to, Montenegro became NATO member at the end of March. The US Senate approved the accession agreement with the 97-2 votes. In April, President Donald Trump signed the agreement.

2017 Montenegro

During the year, further revelations came that the Russian Federation was trying to stop Montenegro's NATO membership by allowing the then Prime Minister Milo Đukanović to assassinate the October 2016 elections. On Election Day, 20 Serbian citizens were arrested and accused of trying to assassinate the president and take over the Montenegrin parliament. Parliament would later be taken over by a Moscow-friendly government. Opposition politicians Milan Knežević and Andrija Mandić were prosecuted for supporting the coup attempt and deprived of parliamentary immunity. At a summit in Montenegro in August, US Vice President Mike Pence confirmed his country's official stance on the issue: "Russia's intentions were exposed last year as Moscow-based agents tried to disrupt Montenegro's elections, attack your parliament and even murder your prime minister."

During the summer, Montenegro was also hit by the heatwave Lucifer, which in southern and eastern Europe brought temperatures up to 47 degrees and led to severe forest fires.

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